Motherhood University

Welcome to the school of motherhood!
 This the a place where you find 
yourself again! 
Take a deep breath and know you are about to find 
peace, stress less, and once again feel whole. 
Grab your coffee (or reheat it) 
because you are about to think of school in a whole new way. 
Who knew the keys to motherhood could be found in courses?


Hey Friend!

I bet you are asking who is she and what can she offer me? 
The answer is support from one mother to another. I can help you put
one foot in front of the other on this motherhood journey.
I was the kind of mom who I help today! I developed my courses, my guides, my freebies, and my support group because that's what I needed years ago. 
I so desperately needed support in all areas of motherhood when I was walking down the same path you are. Not a therapist, not a specialist, not an organizer, but a mom who struggled and was at some stage of their journey just like me !

On my path I needed support, a listening ear, advice on what has worked in each stage of motherhood, and someone to make the first few steps easy and doable for my lifestyle. 
I struggled with the feelings of failure,  overwhelm, never being caught up, and the feelings of being out of control.  I started over and over only to be back at square one everyday! I yearned for the feeling of control or sanity I had before I had my kids. I battled with finding myself each day in the chaos of feedings, nap schedules, sleep routines, diaper changes, household duties, work, sports and the pressure of holding the family together. I constantly fought to find a way to stop the overwhelm and put myself on the list of priorities.  I struggled with creating doable self-care, stopping procrastination, coming up with doable routines for myself, decluttering my head more than my house, and trying not to eat the entire "elephant" in one bite. 
Where was the perfect mom journey everyone was talked about? 

I got here by taking the first step! I took those steps and though the journey was hard, I knew without taking that first step it would continue to get harder. My journey to have children was hard enough for me, and I would be darned if now motherhood, something I prayed for everyday, would be hard too. 
Those small steps I took made gave me almost immediate success, which fed my drive to change even more. Those small steps have helped me have the successful and peaceful motherhood journey I always dreamed I would.

Take my hand, click the GRAB MY COPY button below, and I will send you your first 3 easy steps to self-care. Come join my Graceful Motherhood University private RISE+SHINE community. Make this start, THE LAST START. 
I can't wait to see you inside!

-Cindy Grace xoxo

I'm so glad you found me! 
We're going to go places together. 
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