There are so many ways moms can help themselves to be better, but what does BETTER mean? Does it mean less stressed? Does it mean putting your kids first?  Does it mean sacrificing yourself?  

I think often times that is the main issue, we as moms have no idea what BETTER means. We expect outcomes from ourselves that are unrealistic based on a world of unrealistic expectations. Years ago, I pushed myself to be everywhere and everything to everyone and it almost made me be nothing to anyone because my health was so poor. I was living on caffeine and praying for relief.  

One day, one of my good friend said to me, hey Cindy who are you performing for?  

I said what? What do you mean?  She said, whose approval of your motherhood performance makes you are push yourself to be 110% perfect in every aspect of your life?  It stopped me dead in my tracks. I thought, you know who?…No one, but ME! I created this hamster wheel.  I created these unrealistic expectations.  I created this need to please and compare myself to whatever standard of motherhood that I believed was perfect.  I was creating my own stress in so many areas of my life. It was time I realized that because I was creating these stressors and blaming other things,  I really needed to reflect on MY own role in my unhappiness. I was done playing that role.  I wanted to be happy, truly happy.  I wanted to live in freedom and by taking control and owning where I needed to change, freedom happened.

I  realized I was my own worst enemy. But why? I had no idea what the answer to that question was.  My good friend then proceeded to tell me that when I feed myself this pressure, I am actually hurting the goals I am trying so desperately to achieve.  She asked me if I wanted some advice.  Well at this point, I was like YES! She told me that my own mind could help release itself from this control by reprogramming it daily with four little sayings. I thought she was ridiculous, but these three of the sayings have changed my life! 

Now, I want to bless you with that same gift! They are four small easy affirmations. Three small easy things to realize for myself daily that speak life into my consistency and successes as a mother. Click on my link below and let me share this beginning with you. With one click you can get the short list of the affirmations that I used during the beginning of my happy momma transformation. I still use to these to this day to keep me on track, but I have added to them significantly. Also, don't forget there are women walking this same path you are, so link arms with us because having strength during times of change is priceless. 

Download your daily affirmations here.

Let me help you beyond these four life changing affirmations! Join my RISE+SHINE Facebook community where we are helping one another fight through the struggles of motherhood. In this group, you will gain the strength, happiness, and peace you are searching for all while connecting with soon to be friends, getting tons of tips, cheers, and inspiration. 

Can’t wait to see you inside the group!


xoxo-Cindy Grace



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