One of my promises to myself for 2020 was that I would begin journaling every morning.  Now, I knew this was a tall task and somewhat unrealistic because I am always cautious to add more tasks to my routine, after all of my hard work to find balance.  I knew that in my past patterns adding and adding just because it sounded like a “good idea” was how I was actually adding chaos to my life.  However, I truly weighed the question of what was journaling going to add to my life and was it going to serve me in a way that was positive or just looked positive on paper? I found that adding this new task to my daily routine would eventually add to "filling my cup” in a positive way long-term.  Let me tell you how...
So, I began my search for a way to make it a doable practice and I found my 3-minute journal. Three minutes of my day I could definitely spare. That was doable for me and a nice way to get my toes wet in the concept of journaling without plunging ALL IN, like I used to do.  Which that plunging all in is what also resulted in me getting tangled in the web of overwhelm! Gosh, it is so refreshing to realize that. I also cannot lie, settling my thoughts long enough to journal was always a struggle for me because my mind was always racing with chaos about the next task on my list of TO DO's.
My 3-minute journaling now helps me get centered in the morning before my kids and husband wake up.  It is a little gift to myself. I grab my coffee, I sit in the quiet of my thoughts, and I set my intentions for the day. Let me be clear, I do not make this a TO DO list  of items I need to get done. What I do make it is almost a TO FEEL AND RECOGNIZE list.  What do I want for myself for the day?  Not for my family, but for ME.  How do I want to remember the day?  What will keep me focused on my goals and present in my moments, and most importantly what am I already grateful for? Remember friends, in order to make major changes moms have to grant themselves the little wins before the big ones ever come.
Concentrating on these thoughts for three minutes a day has truly made me block out all of the what ifs, the I can’t, the I’m too exhausted, and the I am not good enough thoughts.  That alone is worth the three minutes each day, isn't it?
Now it is your turn friend!  You are worth three minutes!  You are worth so much more than three minutes, but these are your first steps to a forever of change. Click on the button below and get my free 3-minute journal page that you can print and duplicate.  Get yourself a cute binder for it or a fancy clip and since it is FREE there are no excuses.   Start your day with intention and I am right here inside my RISE+SHINE community to help support you when you need it and are ready to take even more steps to change!

Xoxox-Cindy Grace  


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