A Quick List 
So You Can 
Get To Know Me!
· I am a married momma of three.
· I am a lover of all things Jesus.
· Some people love long walks on the beach, I love long walks down the aisles of Home Goods, with a Starbucks in hand, buying a bunch of stuff I most likely don’t need.
· I’m a Speech-Language Pathologist by day with a side-car passion for helping moms improve their motherhood journey.
· I could not do momma life without my holistic arsenal of goodies.
· Some call me a hoarder of useless items; I call myself an EXECUTOR OF PREPAREDNESS Lol! After all who doesn’t need 10 Christmas trees.
· I love healthy mom-hacks that make me feel like I am rockin’ this crazy mom life.
· Listening to music is as important to me as breathing!
· I love everything FRIENDS (the TV show) and smut (a.k.a. trash) TV (yes, a very guilty pleasure, don’t judge).
· I love a good t-shirt with great wording on it (I swear a little, so wording on shirts keeps me in line) along with leggings, which is my go to wardrobe at all times! Oh and did I mention I only usually wear all things black and grey with an occasional (and I do mean occasional) splash of some color (usually another neutral😂 ).
· I have had a long journey with infertility, but I have my babies, and if you want the deets on how that all went down, stick around.
· I LOVE home décor, a little modern farmhouse, a little boho chic are my favs, but I have also been known to throw a boujee piece in here and there.
· If you come in and stay awhile, make yourself comfortable because you will see I am definitely far from perfect, but I am a mother healing from my old desire to be perfect, all while still maintaining the comforts of feeling in control.
I now do my best to live in peaceful motherhood, hoping to make my little pack of angels the best group of humans this momma prays for daily!
Let me help you do the same friend!
-XOXO Cindy Grace

How I Got Here...
For years, I questioned if I am juggling mom life well, constantly asking myself if I was providing the healthiest, happiest home for my family. After all, I had traveled a million miles through my infertility journey to have this dream come true. With each passing question, I always kept feeling that same sinking feeling of failure and overwhelm, but how? This is what I lived for?
Even as I was going day to day feeling accomplished that my kids were happy and I completed another work day successfully, I was still feeling like there had to be an easier way for me to ensure that I was providing them with the best life possible. I always felt like I was burning the candle at both ends, so dedicating time to find easier ways felt like a tall task.
One day, a friend of mine asked me whose perfect motherhood journey I was comparing my own journey to? Man that question took my breath away. What was she asking me that for? I actually secretly knew why she was asking me that, and it was because she noticed that the person holding me to unrealistic expectations was ME!
This was a pivotal moment for me. I knew then, I had to make a change. If I didn't, I would always live with this lingering feeling of have I done enough?
With each small change I made, I found relief! I finally found the way to make change and movement in my ever repeating cycle of chaos. I found the path to an easier more fulfilling journey and it became a no brainer for me and my family. 
Now, I am on a mission! I want to release every mom from the same mom guilt, exhaustion, and pressure that I had experienced by trying to make my home the ideal perfect environment. My mission is to show moms like me, an easier way of mothering. A way to take back control of their out of control, ever moving, chess board of motherhood!

Come join our group of busy moms who are trying to give our families the best lives while changing our own patterns of chaos and burn out. Come learn how you can find freedom from mom guilt and gain the knowledge and resources you need to break the cycles and make movement, all for free in our exclusive community!
Click BELOW on the GRAB MY COPY link for your free guide to your new journey and come join us to get the support you need? Message me!
-Cindy Grace xoxo


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