Hey Friend!

I bet you are asking who is she and what can she offer me? The answer is support and from one mother to another help putting one foot in front of the other on this motherhood journey.

I was the kind of mom who I help today! I developed my coaching, my course, my freebies, and my support group because that's what I needed years ago. I so desperately needed support when I was walking through the path you are.  I needed someone to reach out to me who had been down a similar road.  Not a therapist, not a specialist, not an organizer, not a mom who has never struggled in these areas (which incidentally is a mom that does not exist because all moms, at some stage of their journey, have struggled), not a plan created by someone else...  

Do you know what I needed?

I needed another mother who had been down the same road as me. The road of needing support, a listening ear, advice on what has worked in each stage of motherhood, and someone to make the first few steps easy and doable for my lifestyle. 

I struggled with all of the same things you do!  I struggled with the feeling of failure, the feeling of overwhelm, the feeling that I am never caught up.  I started over and over and over only to be back at square one! I hated the feeling of the loss of control or say in my own life like I had before. I battled with finding myself each day in the chaos of will I have kids and when I did, finding myself again amongst feedings, nap schedules, sleep routines, and diaper changes. I constantly fought to find  a way to stop the guilt and overwhelm and put myself on the list of priorities.  I struggled with creating doable self-care, stopping procrastination, coming up with a doable routine for myself, decluttering my head more than my house, gaining small successes and not trying to eat the entire "elephant" in one bite. I was constantly feeling like I wasn't keeping up with the perfect mom journey everyone was talking about. 


I have lived it and I have come out on the other side.  My own journey has made me want to give back to other moms by helping them skip all of those bumps in the road, that I encountered alone, as best as they can.

THAT is how I got here friend!  I am that person.  I took those steps and though my journey was hard I knew without taking that first step it would continue to be hard and that is not how I wanted my story to be. having children was hard enough for me and I would be darned if now motherhood, something I prayed for, would be hard too. Those small steps I took that made changes also made immediate successes, which fed my drive to change even more. Those small steps have helped me have the successful and peaceful motherhood journey I always dreamed I would.

Take my hand, join my group and make this time this time different for you! Make this start, THE START!  The one where you can look back and know you changed your current patterns for the better. 

Come join my group of moms like you. Moms who want to give their families the happiest lives without the chaos, the guilt, the feeling of failure, and the complete compromising of your own self worth! 

Ready to come join us and get the support and listening ears that you need? Click the button below and I will send you your first 3 easy steps to self-care and join my RISE+SHINE community.

-Cindy Grace xoxo

Let me help you momma! Let me give to you the community of women searching for the same things you are. Ways to take care of yourself, feel fulfilled, drop the guilt and lead yourself back to happiness as a mother. This community gives support when you need it and a place where you can offer your support to those mommas who need it most.

Click the link below and become a member of the RISE+SHINE community and see what we are all about. Also, click the link for my freebie and start finding peace with my top 3 favorite self-care tips. Quick and easy like every hard working momma needs! See you inside the group!

 I'm so glad you found me! 
We're going to go places together. 

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